take advantage of a great price on the connected speaker from Amazon for Christmas

In 2022, Amazon released a brand new connected speaker, the 5th generation Echo Dot. For a limited time, this connected object is displayed at only 39.99 euros thanks to a 43% discount.

In addition to offering thousands of products through its marketplace, Amazon also offers many services and designs connected products. Among the most popular, Echo smart speakers, the Kindle reader or even the Fire TV multimedia stick. For several years, Echo Dot speakers have been installed in homes. A few weeks ago, Amazon unveiled the 5th generation of the Echo Dot.

A connected speaker with clock and always equipped with Alexa. The 5th generation Echo Dot is normally sold at 69.99 euros. For the holidays, a 43% discount is offered and its price drops to just 39.99 euros.

Mini price on the brand new Echo Dot speaker

The 5th generation Echo Dot is available in two colors: blue-gray or white. It delivers unparalleled audio performance, with clearer vocals, deeper bass, and powerful sound in every room. The LED display of this speaker shows the time, but also the alarms or the weather. Simply with your voice, it is possible to launch a song or a podcast from your favorite applications: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify or even Deezer. Alexa helps you at any time by setting timers, telling a joke or answering any question. This connected speaker is also used to control your compatible connected devices, simply with your voice. Turning on the light or managing a thermostat is simple. This connected speaker is equipped with various privacy protection and control elements, such as a microphone off button to disconnect all microphones. The Echo Dot 5 is displayed at only 39.99 euros on Amazon.

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