Take advantage of the Orange network quickly with a low-cost, no-commitment plan at Youprice!

Youprice is the new operator that is shaking up the market for mobile plans. Indeed, the newcomer offers an offer that no longer exists since the takeover of MVNO’s by the big operators: a mobile plan available to choose from on the Orange network where the SFR network. To launch its offer, Youprice offers a Back to School package available from €4.99/month until midnight only. Discover its characteristics to subscribe quickly!

A cheap package from €4.99

The Youprice packages are offered at very attractive prices and this is the case of the “Back to School” promo available until September 11, 2022 inclusive. Indeed, this mobile offer is divided into several levels and the first is accessible at only €4.99/month the first year then €8.99/month. This price is valid if you choose the SFR network. If you prefer the Orange networkthis mobile plan promo will be billed at €6.99/month for the first year, then €99.99/month.

At this price you will benefit from a 33GB data envelope that you can use from France on the network of your choice. Note that part of this envelope can be used from the French overseas departments or Europe within the limit of 11GB each month.

Calls, SMS and MMS are available without limit in France but also from and to the overseas departments or Europe as well as from these areas to metropolitan France.

An adjustable mobile plan from 33GB to 55GB

The advantage of Youprice plans is to adjust to your data consumption because from one month to another your needs can double. This mobile plan without commitment offers 3 levels with different prices depending on the network. For the SFR network you can also use:

  • from 33GB to 44GB for €7.99/month the first year then €11.99/month
  • from 44GB to 55GB for €9.99/month the first year then €13.99/month

Orange network Youprice plan

These bearings are of course available on the Orange network :

  • from 33GB to 44GB for €9.99/month the first year then €12.99/month
  • from 44GB to 55GB for €11.99/month the first year then €14.99/month

You have until midnight on September 11, 2022 to subscribe by online exclusivityeverything happens online!

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