“Task Manager” returns to Taskbar with KB5018496 update

“Task Manager” returns to Taskbar with KB5018496 update

Windows 11 update KB5018496 makes us the Task Manager menu in the context menu accessible by right-clicking in the Taskbar. A small change that changes a lot for those who closely monitor their operating system.

Windows Subsystem for Android and update KB5019509 yesterday, update KB5018496 today. Microsoft continues to refine its operating system. Almost daily, new optional updates are made available to users, waiting for the next one. Patch Tuesday, November 8, when all updates will be rolled out at once. In addition to fixes for display bugs in Windows 11 or in the Edge browser and sync issues when you record a game session in XBox Game Bar, a lot of new things are cosmetic.

We will thus notice the reappearance of a “Task manager” button when we right click on the taskbar. This option, already present in Windows 10, disappeared when Windows 11 was launched. It is back for everyone, so a big thank you to Microsoft, who knew how to listen to its users. Internet users who have already completed the 22H2 update are particularly targeted by this batch of new features. KB5018496 update brings aesthetic changes in the search bar accessible from the taskbar.

The Task Manager menu returns to the context menu of the Taskbar

The company is in the A/B testing phase and waiting for feedback from users to determine which are the best effects and colors to apply. The goal is to improve the accessibility of this functionality. Interface and usability changes are also being made to Microsoft account management in Settings. Rather than being redirected to the Microsoft site, it is now possible to manage certain subscriptions and OneDrive storage settings directly in Windows 11.

Those who have not yet gone under Windows 22H2 are also entitled to an update labeled KB501848. In addition to bug fixes, they will especially notice an increase in the performance of Windows Search: results appear faster. Previously, file indexing could be prohibitively long. The “Task Manager” button when right-clicking in the Taskbar also returns in this update.