Tears and a record for CR7, a disputed penalty … The Tops and Flops of Portugal-Ghana

Seriously shaken up by Ghana, Portugal still won their first match of the World Cup (3-2). Cristiano Ronaldo made history when the Portuguese defense shook until the end. Here are the Tops and Flops of this Portugal-Ghana.

The Tops of Portugal-Ghana

Tears and a record for CR7

This is already one of the strongest images of this World Cup in Qatar. Visibly very moved, the five-time Ballon d’Or had tears in his eyes during Portugal’s anthem. It must be said that the pressure is absolutely immense on the shoulders of the 37-year-old striker. It is indeed his last chance to win the World Cup with the Seleção das Quinas. The last few days have also been very hectic for the native of Madeira. Fired by Manchester United, the former star of Real Madrid faces the ultimate challenge of his glorious career.

His performance will not go down in the history books. We can still highlight his excellent physical condition, a significant detail for a player who had very little playing time in his legs. The five-time Ballon d’Or did not shake when converting the penalty. He also becomes the first player in history to score in five different World Cups (8 goals in all).

Supersonic Kudus

In a team that does not shine with its offensive qualities, the midfielder brings a little madness. The Ajax player delivered a big performance against an opponent who was far superior, at least on paper. Mohamed Kudus was not far from scoring a crazy goal after a confusing sprint (57th). His strike low to the ground unfortunately comes close to the amount of Diogo Costa. Very skillful with the ball (4 successful dribbles in 4 attempts), the 22-year-old also knows how to relieve his team (6 balls recovered) when they are in pain. He finally delivers a decisive pass for André Ayew (73rd) which allows the Blacks Stars to return to the match in a rather unexpected way. We do not really understand Otto Ado’s choice to bring out his best element fifteen minutes from the end of the match.

Precious Bruno Fernandes

Nice start for the Mancunian in this World Cup. With two assists on the clock, Bruno Fernandes directly contributed to the success of the 2016 European Champions (3 key passes, 8 transmissions in the last third). Like his team, the midfielder took his time to shine. If his first half was not brilliant, the second was much better.

The Portugal-Ghana Flops

Portugal got scared

If the victory is there, all is not rosy for the Seleção das Quinas. It was indeed necessary to wait for a (rather generous) penalty for Portugal to finally open the scoring. With an exceptional workforce, the Lusitanian selection nevertheless seemed far superior to its evening opponent. This team still lacks madness and seems too wise. The first half was thus very poor in the offensive sector. Despite clear possession (70%), Fernando Santos’ men struggled to be dangerous. Defensively, the record is not very positive either. If the Blacks Stars only created relatively few chances, they still scored two goals. Diogo Costa was also not far from committing the irreparable on an incomprehensible loss of ball after additional time.

A controversial penalty

After Canada yesterday, it’s Ghana’s turn to cry foul. The penalty whistled on Cristiano Ronaldo indeed seems anything but obvious. Difficult indeed to see a significant contact between the Portuguese and Mohammed Salisu. Nevertheless, this arbitration decision changed everything…