Tebas thinks McCourt wasted his pennies

Tebas thinks McCourt wasted his pennies

Javier Tebas has revealed that he spoke with Frank McCourt about his investments at OM. The La Liga boss believes that the American destroyed his money by injecting it into the Marseille club. More broadly, the Spaniard thinks Ligue 1 needs to review its strategy.

In an interview given to The Team, Javier Tebas spoke about the investment made by Frank McCourt, at OM. The Spanish football boss thinks the American wasted his money “Ligue 1 should align themselves with UEFA’s financial fair play and understand that this model of 1 billion euros in losses is not viable. Who makes money in France with football? Or rather who does not lose? The other day, I met Franck McCourt, the owner of OM. He said to me: “We have invested 700 M€ in our club.” I replied, “No, you destroyed them, not invested them.” We arrive at a situation with unbalanced competition, with permanent losses and wage inflation. On arrival, France have three of the biggest stars of this sport, Messi, Neymar and Mbappé, and the rights of the L1 abroad have not increased… ”he launched on a daily basis.

A deficit close to 40 million euros

Frank McCourt has probably not put as much into OM as the Spaniard thinks since his takeover. However, the Marseille club has so far failed to rebalance its budget, which shows a chronic deficit. Financial director Stéphane Tessier recently let it be known internally that forecasts suggested a deficit of between 36 and 40 million euros at the end of the season. So, with the endorsement of Pablo Longoria, the leader would have asked the administrative services to make 19 million euros in savings in the coming months. A change of course which should generate many departuresincluding those of Jacques Cardoze (communications director), Alexandre Mialhe (legal director), and Elodie Malatrait (deputy communications director and protocol manager).

Frank McCourt seems to want to stop spending at OM. But as far as international TV rights are concerned, the contract signed with bein Sports (which holds all of these rights) will end in 2024. Their progression is only possible from this date…