Tencent hires Shawn Layden as strategic advisor

Shawn Layden is Tencent’s strategic advisor for video games.

More than a year after his arrival on the advisory board of Streamline Media Groupa solution provider for video games and the metaverse that drive the digital transformation of global brands and industries, Shawn Laydenformer CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and SIE Worldwide Studios, joins the Chinese giant Tencent as strategic advisor :

In this new role, I hope to be able to advise, help and support the Tencent team in deepening their activities and their commitments within the sector to which I have devoted most of my career. We are at a watershed moment for gaming and interactive entertainment. There are many perspectives available to us, but only a few are deep, expanded, inclusive, enriching, inspiring and/or sustainable. I am excited to continue this journey of discovery in the industry and I thank Tencent for this opportunity.

Shawn Layden, a long love affair with Sony

Shawn Layden has worked in various departments of the Sony company since the 1980s. He rose to leadership positions as Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in 1999 and took over as President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan in 2007. He rose through the ranks serving as Chief Operating Officer, President and CEO of PlayStation from 2010 to 2016, before assuming the role of President of SIE Worldwide Studios which would later be taken over by Hermen Hulst as from PlayStation Studios. Despite his departure from Sony, Shawn Layden has very often spoken well of his former employer in the specialized press, even going so far as to defend certain decisions, in particular the new prices of PS5 games.

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