The 40-year mortgage, an option for young people with advantages and disadvantages

These are loans designed for young people and generally have low monthly payments, although it is advisable to pay them back in advance.

Although not the most common, some banks today continue to offer 40-year mortgages. It is a type of mortgage product similar to the others but, due to its long duration in relation to amortization, this type of loan has special characteristics that you should be aware of if you are considering applying for it. a. Read on and we’ll tell you all the keys to a 40-year mortgage.

Variable rate mortgages

The first thing to note when talking about a 40 year mortgage is that for the most part these will be variable mortgages. Because? Because, because of its long duration, the bank has no interest in offering fixed rate loans under these conditions. In 40 years, interest rates will most likely rise, which is an opportunity for the bank to make a profit. So if you’re considering applying for a 40-year mortgage, you’ll probably want to choose a variable rate mortgage over a fixed rate mortgage.

Longer-term mortgages, but with a lower payment

One of the main characteristics of 40-year mortgages is that they have very long repayment terms, which translates into small payments. In other words, even if we pay the bank for a long time (40 years if we do not repay early), the monthly payments that we will have to face each month will be low compared to other mortgages. In fact, this is the main advantage of 40-year mortgages. In fact, precisely because we have so much time to repay the capital borrowed, the amounts in which this repayment is made can be reduced, which can be an interesting option in the case of low incomes or families who have difficulty in join at the end of the month.

Mortgages that pay more interest

The main disadvantage of 40-year mortgages is that in the end a lot of interest is paid. Because? Because, although the installments that must be met month by month are low, a very significant part of the money that we pay is in the form of interest and not of return of capital. In other words, 40-year mortgages are ultimately not profitable if you want to save money in the long term. They provide access to financing that we can comfortably access month after month. However, because we have such a long repayment period, it often means that the total interest paid is high, as it is paid over several months.

Mortgages for people under 35

40-year mortgages are mortgages designed especially for young people. First, because they are designed to be returned in the very long term. For this reason, this type of mortgage loan is generally not granted to the elderly, because the risk of death or not having a job providing a constant income is higher. In fact, when we talk about 40-year mortgages, we can say that the key thing to consider when granting them is that they are considered by banks to be mortgages for young people. Therefore, if you are over 35, it is unlikely that you will be able to access a mortgage of this type.

Mortgages where prepayment is appropriate

On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that 40-year mortgages are mortgages which, if possible, must be repaid early. Especially before the first half of the life of the loan. That is, before the end of the first 20 years of the mortgage.

This is due to the fact that, since these are mortgages in which a lot of interest is paid due to the long duration of the loan, all the capital that can be repaid in advance implies a saving compared to interest. that we are paying this type of mortgage. For this, a novation or a subrogation of the mortgage can be carried out, the choice between one or the other will depend on the conditions of the mortgage itself, as well as on the situation and the preferences of the client.

40-year mortgage: granting process similar to other mortgage products

Finally, it’s worth noting that while banks don’t typically underwrite too many 40-year mortgages, the underwriting process is similar to other mortgage products. In other words, to access this type of mortgage, the study carried out by the bank vis-à-vis the customer is similar to that of other mortgage products. The only aspect that significantly differentiates it is that the age of the applicant will have more weight than in other cases, being almost essential to be under 35 to access it.

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