The Acer 27-inch monitor is 25% off

The Acer 27-inch monitor is 25% off

At Boulanger, the Acer 27-inch PC screen is €219.99.

At Boulanger, it’s time to take advantage of this good plan to buy a PC screen. In effect, the Acer 27-inch ED273U Pbmiipx monitor is currently at €219.99 instead of €299.99.

The Acer 27-inch PC screen is cheaper at Boulanger

Gamers who need a PC screen to equip themselves or to change their current screen will certainly find what they are looking for on the Boulanger store. However, you will have to be careful not to wait too long because the stocks will certainly go quickly.

The Acer 1500R curved screen will allow the user to play while having good visual comfort as well as a much improved field of vision compared to the use of a traditional screen. Regarding the QHD definition of the screen, it is 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is a very correct quality which will ensure vivid and detailed colors.

The screen may allow you to make the difference and win your games thanks to a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. On the connection side, there are 2 HDMI ports, a connector DisplayPort and a 3.5mm headphone jack are present.