The acquisition of Call of Duty by Microsoft, an opportunity for Battlefield?

Long debates ensue of the historic takeover of Activision/Blizzard by Microsoft. If PlayStation sees it with a bad eye for the Call of Duty license, Electronic Arts sees it as an opportunity. Indeed, Andrew Wilson states that it would be the only game of the type to be cross-platform. However, Xbox has repeatedly confirmed that call of duty would remain cross-platform for a few more years.

In a world where there may be questions about the future of Call of Duty and what platforms it might or might not be on. Being platform agnostic and completely cross-platform with Battlefield, I think is a great opportunity.

Andrew Wilson, EA

Battlefield, still up to the task?

Maybe for you, players, Battlefield has lost its aura of yesteryear with a last opus not up to par. However, the developers do not hear it that way.

I don’t think we delivered the last two iterations the way we should have. There is a lot of work to be done in this area. But deep down, it’s extraordinary intellectual property. And what we’ve seen in the entertainment world is that extraordinary intellectual property is resilient.

We’ve seen films fail to live up to franchise expectations. Star Wars is one of those franchises, but you can see what happens when you have the right creative team, how they can completely reinvent and expand a franchise. And I think we have an amazing creative team involved in Battlefield now that has incredible ambitions to own the first puts and pull the space, especially as it feels in creation.

Andrew Wilson, EA

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