the administration asks to cancel every other flight on Friday

The French Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) on Tuesday asked airlines to give up one flight out of two on Friday, following a strike notice from a union of air traffic controllers demanding in particular wage increases.

This notice was launched by the SNCTA (National Union of Air Traffic Controllers, majority), specified in a press release the administration, urging the companies to “reduce their flight program by 50% for this day of Friday September 16 in Metropolitan France and Overseas”.

Despite the establishment of a minimum service and the preventive reduction in traffic requested, “flight cancellations and significant delays are to be expected throughout the territory”, warned the DGAC.

She therefore invited “passengers who can do so to postpone their trip and to inquire with their airline to find out the status of their flight”.

This strike could also have repercussions on all European air traffic. The administration said it was working “with the manager of the European network (Eurocontrol) in order to offer airlines measures to circumvent national airspace”.

The SNCTA, the majority union among air traffic controllers, stressed for its part that it had decided on this movement to express its concern “about the current level of inflation as well as future recruitments”.

“While the 2023 finance bill, currently being drafted, arrives before Parliament in October, the absence of guarantees from the DGAC and the public authorities is unacceptable”, added the union, in a press release published on its website.


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