the aid desk does not convince companies at all

Launched on November 19, the business support desk, simplified version, does not appeal. As a reminder, until December 31, all companiesregardless of their size, may request assistance with paying electricity bills, capped at 4 million euros. But between criteria that are still too complex, or amounts that are too low, companies are not convinced. So much so that many companies have not even bothered to ask for help at the counter, says employers to Europe 1.

Complex eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria are too complicated to understand, according to Patrice Duceau, the regional president of Groupements de Prévention Agrées De la Région Center. “You must have more than 3% energy in your turnover. After that you must have, something that is completely prohibitive, more than 50% increase (in the price of energy paid ) between 2021 and 2022, over the three months etcetera, it’s a bit of a gas plant”, he notes.

And for companies that still tried their luck, disappointment quickly arrived.

Few eligible companies

“We did the simulations with business leaders, they can’t tick all the boxes. And there are a lot of them who don’t have the skills to do it, so they hire a firm to do it, which costs them a little money. And on arrival they are not eligible”, notes Patrice Duceau.

Faced with criticism, Bercy assumes its desire to target aid to the companies that need it most. Above all, the Ministry of the Economy defends the simplicity of the process, according to him, based on a simple online form.