The Alfaset Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary

This 60th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the evolution of the Foundation from its creation to the present day, but also on the future vision of support for people living with a disability.

In 1962, when the first sheltered workshop was created in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the primary goal was to give people living with a disability the opportunity to work and participate in active life like everyone else.

Now well established regionally, Alfaset is now an institution that employs nearly 800 people, including 500 living with a disability. We are now talking about a real socio-industrial partner. Over time, the skills have diversified and the vision has greatly developed. In the future, Alfaset tends to support people living with a disability towards regaining their autonomy and why not, the possibility of living and working “normally”. For this, new measures have been put in place.

In-company workshops

An efficient and innovative concept: create long-term partnerships with companies that welcome the beneficiaries ofAlfaset in their premises and integrate them into their production flow. The operators remain salaried and supervised by the Foundation, while having an inclusive experience in the world of work. This system is particularly appreciated by employees and corporate clients, such as Felco, Philip Morris, Horotec and Von Bergen.

Another alternative is also possible: setting up an integrated workshop on the premises of the Foundation. Alfaset. This is particularly the case with Nivarox, which has been collaborating with the foundation for several years.

More and more personalized support

The Alfaset Foundation also offers people with disabilities individualized support, focused on the personal project and the life goals of the beneficiaries. This support can be combined and organized at the professional, accommodation, daily life, social and psychosocial levels. Appropriate conditions are put in place to allow everyone to engage at their own pace in their personal project according to their abilities, achieving objectives established in collaboration with the educational teams.

In short, Alfaset is renewing itself. This is the case not only in terms of the support offered but also in its commitments to sustainable development. An area in which the social enterprise actively takes decisions in order to improve the impact of its activities on the environment.

Open day

Saturday, November 5 will be an opportunity for Neuchâtel residents to rediscover Alfaset in its new light and better understand the direction it wishes to take. In the program ? Visit of the workshops, discovery of the different services and methods but also a meeting with the different teams.

More information on the event via the following link:

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