the authorities consider “compulsory military service” to fight against the M23

the authorities consider “compulsory military service” to fight against the M23

In front of political and military leaders, but also diplomats, the Minister of Defense, Gilbert Kabanda mentioned the possibility of establishing “compulsory military service” Where “5, 10 year contract“.

He was speaking on the occasion of the official presentation of the “defence policy document“of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”You have to build an army to protect“the country,” he insisted.

This new defense policy includes in particular the establishment of a military industry, the creation of a reserve army, the establishment of a cadet school, the establishment of an army capable of fighting against cybercrime and (cross)border crime.

In the evening, the army and the police also presented on public television five alleged “rwandan spies” and a Congolese soldier arrested in Kinshasa. They were accused of preparing “major actions.

“Special Brigade of “Resistants””

In the province of North Kivu, a coalition of Congolese armed groups who claim to be fighting against the rebels of the Movement of March 23 (M23), for its part called on the Congolese authorities to create a service of “para-military“.

We want the creation of a special brigade made up of “Resisters” (…) which is not attached to the FARDC (Congolese army)“but a kind of”para-military or border guard service“, explained to the press Jules Mulumba, spokesperson for this coalition which brings together the armed groups CMC, APCLS, ANCDH, NDCR, FPP and others.

At the beginning of November, President Félix Tshisekedi had called “the youth“from his country to”organize themselves into vigilance groups in order to support, accompany and sustain our armed forces” in the face of the M23 rebellion. In recent months, this movement has conquered large swaths of the territory of North Kivu, a Congolese province bordering Rwanda, progressing up to a few tens of kilometers from Goma.

Kinshasa accuses Kigali of actively supporting the M23 and fighting alongside it. Relations between the two neighbors are therefore execrable.

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