the batteries revealed, what autonomy to expect?

A few weeks before the presentation of the Galaxy S23, new information is distilled on the internet. Today, it is the capacity of the batteries of the S23 and S23+ models. What to project a little more on the autonomy that smartphones could offer.

We were talking to you yesterday about the presentation of the Galaxy S23 during a new Unpacked event. Samsung is preparing for this official launch by submitting its devices to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A classic procedure that allows us to learn more about the products.

Which batteries for the Galaxy S23 and S23+?

Phones that go through FCC validation never appear under their trade name, but under their model number. This is how we learn that the Galaxy S23 (EB-BS912ABY) has a nominal battery capacity of 3785 mAh which could translate to a 3900 mAh capacity on the spec sheet. This would be approximately 200 mAh more than that of the Galaxy S22 which officially ships with a 3700 mAh battery.

On his side, the S22+ shows up to the FCC as model number EB-BS916ABY with a 4565 mAh battery which would turn into 4700 mAh on the spec sheet. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is not in the list, but the latter could have the same battery capacity as the S22 Ultra.

It is quite common to see nominal capacities that differ from those officially announced. For comparison, the S22+ indicated a 4370 mAh battery, for an official capacity of 4500 mAh. Thus, Samsung revered the size of the batteries on the rise, which would not be a luxury given the disappointing autonomy of the Galaxy S22…

What range to expect?

In our Samsung Galaxy S22 review, we had considered “unworthy” the autonomy of a device sold at this price (859 euros). Indeed, the tests of our 01Lab showed the weaknesses of the Korean phone against the competition. With only 12:10 of versatile autonomy, the S22 and its 3700 mAh battery are 20% less enduring than the average high-end smartphone that we have tested in the last 12 months. An even more severe finding in video streaming where the S22 underperforms the competition by 27%.

Same story with the Galaxy S22 + and its 4500 mAh battery with 14:26 in versatile autonomy (14% below the average) and 11:53 in video autonomy (19% below the average). Samsung therefore has a lot to do to raise the bar, but the first indicators are encouraging.

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Indeed, the larger capacity batteries are a first good point for autonomy insofar as the dimensions of the Galaxy S23 and their screens should not change much.

The other crucial element is that of the chip used in the telephones. This year, the Galaxy S23 will be equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Qualcomm’s SoC would indeed be up to 40% more efficient than that of the previous generation, which was already more efficient than the Samsung Exynos 2200 chip that equips the European Galaxy S22.

Add to that a few extra refinements like a more power-efficient screen and better One UI 5 software optimization, and you have a combination of factors that should make the Galaxy S23s more durable than the S22s. And fortunately.

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