The best wage portage income simulators in 2023

Today in France, more and more young people and executives want to work independently. A need generally born from a desire for freedom and autonomy, but also from the need of the labor market which has undergone radical changes since the beginning of the 2000s, and which have tended to accelerate in recent years.

Indeed, companies in France, as in many countries around the world, are also seeking to have more flexibility, and to reduce their costs over the long term. Most often working on projects that last a single year or two, sometimes only a few months in the case of IT, they are looking for experts and consultants to provide them with a service over a short period, without have to recruit them.

Thus, the labor market has seen the birth of new players who are wage portage companies. These service companies make it possible to meet the new needs of companies and workers while offering everyone the necessary guarantees and other advantages.

Presentation of wage portage companies

In France, there are now nearly 300 wage portage companies. Most of them working in the IT, construction, real estate or management sectors, these service companies sign a contract with consultants and freelancers on the one hand, and companies and enterprises in which they will carry out their missions.

Thus, by setting up this three-party relationship, the umbrella company offers a new working environment with several advantages:

– they offer consultants (called porters) an employee status with them, allowing them to benefit from social security coverage, a pension, an unemployment allowance, easier access to loans from banks, etc. …

– they allow companies to recruit experts for short periods and pay for their services without having a direct contractual relationship with them. A significant gain in flexibility that more and more companies are looking for.

For its part, the umbrella company earns for its part by applying a commission on the turnover achieved by the consultant or employee carried. This commission is the counterpart of the services that the portage company offers to the latter since it will take care of all the administrative procedures that the consultant needs, allowing him to concentrate solely on his job and his missions.

Competition between wage portage companies is strong, each seeking to stand out with additional services, low commissions, support in finding assignments or on the training side, etc.

The wage portage market in France is still dominated by a small number of players whose seniority and experience, good reputation and quality of services offered have allowed them to stand out.

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The best payroll income simulators

A wage portage income simulator is an online tool, usually free, offered by wage portage companies on their websites in order to allow consultants, trainers, freelancers who are interested in wage portage and wish to sign contracts with one of the French wage portage companies to estimate their net income on the basis of the data that they will provide by filling in the forms of the online simulators.

This information is generally the daily fees, the duration of the mission in months and number of days, the amount of professional expenses, etc.

In the following, we present the three best wage portage income simulators in our opinion.

The Umalis simulator

Umalis Groupone of the oldest and most reputable players in the wage portage market in France, offers a well-developed and very comprehensive wage portage income simulator on its site.

The simulator is in the form of a form divided into five parts:

The first part is dedicated to the description of the mission: duration in days or months, fees invoiced per day to the client. Once this part has been completed, the simulator instantly displays the percentage of Umalis fees, which is generally around 4%.

The second part is devoted to the choices of the carried employee in terms of security: health insurance, family coverage, and he must mention whether or not he wishes to have a company car.

The following two parts relate to costs not invoiced to the customer, such as transport, communication or meal costs, to be entered in euros, as well as mileage costs.

Finally, the simulator user is asked to indicate whether he wishes to optimize his income by using the levers set up by Umalis (PEE / PERCO, etc.), by ticking the corresponding box.

The result of the simulation is then sent by email to the address indicated by the user in the form.

Simulator link

The ABC Portage Simulator

ABC portage is one of the best-known wage portage companies in France. The company’s website offers a simple simulator, which allows the future employee to estimate his net income on the basis of this information:

– the amount of his income: which he can add in the form of a monthly flat rate or detail them in daily rates while mentioning the number of working days.

– the amount of professional fees.

You must then fill in your personal information, specify the nature of the contract (CDD or CDI) and provide contact information to receive an instant estimate of your net income if you want to sign with ABC Portage.

Simulator link

The ITG Simulator

ITG is the historic leading company in wage portage in France.

The simulator it offers allows you to calculate your gross salary from your fees excluding taxes, in particular by deducting management fees and employer charges.

Then, the simulator calculates the estimated salary costs, and adds your reimbursed professional expenses to allow you to know your net monthly remuneration.

The calculation is done instantly.

Simulator link

There are other simulators offered by other French wage portage companies on their websites. We cite for example:

All these wage portage income simulation tools work on almost the same principle, and provide an instant estimate of net income.

It is important to remember that the amount of income displayed by these simulators remains estimated and not contractual. It does not engage the wage portage company, but it still allows the interested consultant to make a first comparison between the companies.

A visit to the premises and direct contact with a manager of the portage company would allow all the points to be detailed, to be advised and to finalize the agreement by signing an employment contract where everything is precisely detailed. All you have to do is start your missions. Good luck and lots of success!