the big day for good high-tech plans

the big day for good high-tech plans

Single Day is in full swing on November 11. For this Chinese Black Friday, promotions are multiplying on AliExpress, with discounts of up to 90%. It’s time to buy high-tech products at low prices.

It’s the big day: November 11 – 11/11, Singles’ Day, considered sacred in China – is Single Day. Since Tuesday 1er November until November 13 in the morning, many Chinese merchants celebrate it with an equivalent of Black Friday. This is the case on AliExpress, the giant of e-commerce, where many sellers offer exceptional discounts on thousands of items. This is an opportunity to find items at bargain prices, including high-tech, in famous brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus or Lenovo! Smartphones, earphones and helmets, connected watches and bracelets, tablets, vacuum cleaners… There really is something for all tastes and all budgets. Some products are even offered with 80% discounts: a great opportunity as the end-of-year celebrations approach, especially in this period of generalized inflation.

Be careful, you must enter the promo code displayed on the page – on the product image – and activate the discount coupons to make the most of the promotions!

What is Single Day?

Originally, Single Day was a day dedicated to singles that appeared in the 1990s, an opportunity to be proud of one’s celibacy but also to break it. That’s why the official date is November 11 – 11/11 – because, in China, the number 1 represents the couple, and by extension celibacy. But this holiday has been the subject of significant commercial recoveries in China, in particular concerning online sales. It’s the most lucrative global trade promotion in the world, ahead of Black Friday – and with far more aggressive prices. AliExpress, in particular, offers very interesting promotions in high-tech, since it can rely on its privileged relationships with Asian brands – we immediately think of Xiaomi.

For the first, the duration of the event has been extended to cover a longer period. There will therefore be two particularly strong moments in terms of promotions: Tuesday November 1 and Wednesday November 2, since this is the start of the operation, and November 11 and 12, since it is respectively the official date of the event as well as its last day. Be careful not to hang around too long, because stocks are limited and you have to decide quickly so as not to miss the good deals! But that doesn’t mean you have to jump on it blindly! It is important to note and compare prices because, as with sales and all commercial operations, the reductions displayed are sometimes exaggerated…

Single Day: VAT, delivery date and right of withdrawal

The Single Day concerns many Chinese brands, and not only specialized in high-tech products. This is why it is important to pay attention to delivery times, which can be quite long – except for those with European warehouses – and VAT. Indeed, it applies to all products from countries outside the European Economic Community (EEC), even if they only cost a few euros. Fortunately, several major Chinese merchants, including AliExpress, have warehouses in Europe – including France – which offers several advantages. Thus, delivery times are generally three working days, and merchant sites include VAT in their price while offering the mandatory guarantees. The only exception is when the package comes from China and the total amount exceeds 150 euros. In this case, VAT and customs fees are payable upon receipt of the package, even if it is very small. So be sure to look carefully so as not to have any unpleasant surprises!

Another thing to know: brands like AliExpress obviously respect the legal withdrawal period in France during the Single Day, which is 14 days from the date of delivery. You can thus get a full refund for your purchase, if you are not satisfied or if you simply regret it, and without having to provide the slightest explanation. To find out all about the application of the right of withdrawal, consult our fact sheet.

Single Day 2022: good high-tech plans