The booming plant-based meat market –

The booming plant-based meat market –

There are more and more start-ups active in the production of meat substitutes based on vegetable proteins. Planted, a start-up from Zurich, for example, raised 70 million francs last month to support its development.

The company Planted, which produces chicken schnitzel without chicken or kebab meat without meat, is experiencing the greatest growth in the field of meat substitutes in Europe.

The sector is booming and food giants like Nestlé and Unilever also intend to take advantage of it. For Planted co-founder Pascal Bieri, strong competition in the market is not a problem as long as these players do not tarnish the image of plant-based protein products.

transitional products

In the sector, innovations are likely to be numerous in the coming years. The first generation of products mostly aims to look like meat, explains Christian Nils Schwab, director of the Integrative Food and Nutrition Center at EPFL.

“One of the trends that works is to see these products as transitional products. It is aimed at an audience that wants to reduce their meat consumption without giving up the hedonic pleasure of meat. And so we have to find alternatives that will be able to satisfy this pleasure in terms of taste, texture, color”, he analyzes.

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In Fribourg, the Bossy Céréales company entered the market in 2022 by producing raw material for suppliers of meat substitutes. “We have two production lines. On the first, we manage to produce between 200 and 250 kilos per hour and, with the second, we go up to 800 kilos per hour. The fact that we are ready puts us forward by compared to others who would also like to enter this market”, explains Simon-Pierre Kerbage, Managing Director of Bossy Céréales.

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However, despite the attractiveness of the market, in the United States, Beyond Meat, one of the market leaders, announced the loss of 200 jobs due to competition but also to a slowdown in demand. With high prices compared to other products, meat substitutes are less attractive to consumers during periods of price increases.

Interview by Loïc Delacour

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