the carbon neutrality promised by Qatar is a “misleading advertisement” according to several NGOs

the carbon neutrality promised by Qatar is a “misleading advertisement” according to several NGOs

Players have sent a letter to FIFA asking for the abandonment of this assertion of carbon neutrality.

NGOs announced on Wednesday that they had seized the advertising regulatory authorities of several European countries, believing that the assertion by the organizers of the next FIFA World Cup in Qatar that the competition will be carbon neutral represented a “misleading advertising“.

In France, it is Notre Affaire À Tous which indicated that it had seized the Advertising Ethics Jury for “greenwashing”, targeting FIFA. This jury is responsible for deciding on the compliance of advertising with the ethical rules of the profession.

Complaints in several European countries

Similar misleading advertising complaints have been filed in the UK, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands to challenge carbon neutrality claims relating to Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup.“, says the NGO.

These referrals are based on the work of Carbon Market Watch, which had in a report criticized FIFA’s methodology for claiming the carbon neutrality of the event. According to this source, the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions is incomplete, in particular for the construction of stadiums, the carbon compensation mechanisms provided for not being solid.

Who can honestly believe that building air-conditioned stadiums in the middle of the desert can be carbon neutral? Football fans must be able to enjoy their sport without being held hostage by FIFA’s dramatic choices“, commented Jérémie Suissa, general delegate of Notre Affaire À Tous, in a press release.

Football players alert FIFA

At the same time, football players have published an open letter asking FIFA to abandon the claim of carbon neutrality, to tackle CO2 emissions and to use carbon offsetting only as a last resort.

She was signed, for example, by players Tessel Middag (Rangers FC), Elin Landström (AS Roma) or player David Wheeler (Wycombe Wanderers).