The CCI Bretagne adopts its roadmap for the period 2022-2026

It was in Saint-Malo, in the middle of the Route du Rhum, that the CCI Bretagne held its general assembly on 27 October. The questions of energy, sobriety and decarbonization occupied a good part of the debates, while companies are bearing the full brunt of the explosion in their bills. Jean-Pierre Rivery, president of the CCI Bretagne, also presented his roadmap for the period 2022-2026. This strategic plan, which follows extensive consultation with all regional elected officials, was adopted unanimously.

Putting companies at the heart of our actions », this is the will expressed by Jean-Pierre Rivery during this general assembly. The president of the regional chamber recalled how much the territorial network of the CCIs, unique in France, made it possible to support companies “in proximity”, ” especially the smaller ones. Today, they are often the most vulnerable in the face of soaring energy prices, unable to negotiate their contracts. » In Brittany, of the 873 CCI employees, 280 are assigned to business support missions. Today, the latter mainly aim to support companies in their energy and ecological transitions via schemes co-financed with other players. Like the Ecod’O program. Initiated in 2019 by the CCI of Morbihan, this program of actions and solutions in favor of water saving is extended to the whole region for an amount of 360 K€ over one year. About 70 voluntary companies will be made aware of the fair use of water resources. » As part of this system, a partnership agreement, on the Reuse (reuse of water extracted from milk and treated wastewater within industrial sites) was signed today with Abea. “ We want to help Breton food companies experiment with this technique. In Europe, 15% of companies already use it against less than 1% in France. VS’is a lever for development, and it is this virtuous circle that we want to highlight. »

Eco’Carbon Plan

To support the transition of companies, the network will also deploy the Eco’Carbone plan in all 4 departments. ” We will use the same process as the one deployed for Ecodo, namely raise companies’ awareness of fair energy consumption, by reviewing their uses and practices, such as the management of their contracts … up to the movement of their employees. This free pre-diagnosis aims reduce companies’ energy consumption by 10 to 15%. We are in the process of developing the budget. In the long term, about thirty companies will be able to benefit from it. It’s about giving the impetus and going towards the VSEs! The accompaniment will be done locally. » Since the surge in energy prices, the CCIs have deployed other support measures such as online self-diagnosis. In about ten questions, the company can identify a few levers for reducing its consumption. ” Feedback is very good “, points out Jean-Pierre Rivery.

A roadmap

This general meeting was an opportunity to present the Breton CCI strategic plans over the 2022-2026 period. ” It was adopted unanimously rejoices Jean-Pierre Rivery. This plan is voluntarily aligned with that of CCI France. Our ambition is to assert ourselves as the 1er local public network, accelerator of the economy and the sustainable growth of companies in France and abroad. » Transitions, skills, international, attractiveness of territories, development of data, in all these areas projects will be initiated and management indicators put in place. Of course, this strategic plan will be updated every year to take into account the context and the French and international situation. “, concludes the president of the CCI Bretagne.

Discover and download the strategic plan of the Brittany CCI network 2022-2026

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