The Chinese Mafia at the heart of a dark network of crypto scams

Trafficking and scam – Filipino victims of the mafia were forced to work for a crypto scam in Myanmar. Filipino citizens are said to be the target of this practice, due to their proficiency in English.

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Pig-butchering: crypto scam in Myanmar

During the last plenary session of the government (November 28), the Philippine senator Risa Hontiveros has noted that a network of non-governmental groups rescued a dozen Filipinos who were unwillingly involved in a crypto scam.

The Chinese mafia in Myanmar allegedly forced them to contact people online, in order to trick them into investing in fraudulent crypto sites.

These Filipinos would have come to Thailand, for call center jobs and offshore gaming operators. Subsequently, the Chinese mafia would have lured them to Myanmar, to force them to work for this scam.

A report from the cybersecurity company Nefture indicates that in this type of practice called ” pig butchering criminals threaten to use violence against thousands of victims of human trafficking, to force them to work in centers linked to scams.

The criminals then train their victims, so that they scam people around the world, using social media or dating sites like Tinder.

The release of these Filipinos comes a few days after the British authorities carried out a raid, arresting several people having used a fraudulent service paid in cryptocurrencies.

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