the choice of the screen still uncertain

the choice of the screen still uncertain

Apple has not yet finalized the choice of screen for its future fourth-generation iPhone SE, according to sources. Ross Young. The analyst, specialist in screens, says that Apple would test several options: a 6.1″ OLED screen, and LCD screens ranging from 5.7″ to 6.1″. Last month, the same Ross Young claimed that Apple had chosen a 6.1″ screen, without specifying the technology. The information was probably wrong. For the release date, it is as distant as it is vague: it is possible that we will have to wait until 2024.

The iPhone XR (6.1″)

The principle of the iPhone SE has always been to take an old chassis and include newer components. If Apple maintains this line, then the iPhone SE 4 should take over the design of the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11 and therefore integrate a 6.1″ LCD panel. However, Apple could consider abandoning LCD technology on its iPhone range, and therefore shake up its habits a little: OLED panels have smaller margins around the screen and this therefore requires modifying the size of the chassis.

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