the communist Fabien Roussel submits a bill

11:45 a.m., October 29, 2022

Fabien Roussel
wants to do a great democratic battle “. Invited on Saturday on RMC, the leader of the Communist Party announced his intention – and that of his communist colleagues – to table a bill for index private and public salaries to inflation
. ” There are no 36 solutions to inflation: all wages and pensions must be indexed at the same rate as inflation and the purchasing power of the French must evolve at the same rate as inflation “, he explains.

Macron opposed to such a proposal

It shouldn’t just be the minimum wage that changes with inflation “, Continues the deputy from the North who deplores “ French people who fall into poverty who do not know how to pay their electricity bill, their rent or not to fill the fridge. »

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To achieve this, Fabien Roussel wants to obtain the consensus of all French people: “ The text must be supported by the population, by the employees, to impose it in the debate. We must make it a popular battle “. For this, the last presidential candidate will have to convince all the parties, starting with the majority, whileEmmanuel Macron is not in favor of it

If I told you tonight ‘we are going to reindex wages to prices’, we would destroy hundreds of thousands and millions of jobs “, declared Wednesday the head of state on France 2.

On the other hand, Fabien Roussel does not wish to rally the National Rally to his cause, because, according to him, of the double discourse of Marine Le Pen
on the subject : ” The RN refused any salary increase, refused to increase the SMIC and the restoration of the ISF. »

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