the compact and connected subwoofer is formalized

Sonos formalizes its Sub Mini. As expected, it’s a compact subwoofer to complete a Sonos setup.

Sonos Sub Mini

The first Sonos subwoofer was unveiled in 2012… already 10 years ago. This big subwoofer, Sub, has been modified twice and is now sold in a third generation. But it’s no longer Sonos’ only subwoofer.

After the Sonos Ray, a very small soundbar, the American manufacturer continues to develop a range of products for smaller interiors. Here is the Sonos Sub Mini, which as its name suggests, is a compact subwoofer.

A cylindrical shape with two woofers 15cm

Most of the time, subwoofers have a cubic shape. As a result, they are not very high, but have a sacred grip on the ground. Not very practical in a small apartment. Sonos has sought and found an interesting solution from a technical point of view (but not only): two speakers facing each other, a cylindrical shape and small dimensions.

Sonos Sub Mini Sonos Sub (3rd Gen)
(H x W x D)
230 x 305 x 305mm 389 x 402 x 158mm
Weight 6.35kg 16kg
Price 499 euros 849 euros

The Sub Mini is therefore limited to two 15 cm speakers rather than a large 38 cm speaker or two 25 cm speakers (like the Sub Gen 3); which allows it to limit its thickness. Another advantage, the two loudspeakers are in perfect phase opposition, from a mechanical point of view. Suddenly, the vibrations of the box are almost non-existent. With its 15 cm woofers, Sonos announces all the same that the Sub Mini is able to go down to a frequency response of 25 Hz. The firm does not however communicate on the power of its subwoofer.

submini-carousel-download-1 (1)
Sonos Sub Mini // Source: Sonos

With its anti-vibration system, you could almost put your cup of tea or coffee on it – don’t try, anyway. Obviously, the two digital class D amplifiers associated with the TruePlay calibration system and the customizable equalizer allow you to enjoy the sound of the subwoofer to the best of your ability.

Remember, just in case, that the Sub Mini is of course not a stand-alone speaker. It works in combination with beamRay, One, One SL or Symfonisk in partnership with Ikea… be careful, the subwoofer is however not compatible with mobile speakers such as the Sonos Room — only Bluetooth — or even the Sonos Movealso Wi-Fi enabled.

Sonos Sub Mini // Source: Sonos

In short, if you have a Sonos soundbar or Wi-Fi speakers, the Sub Mini is a more compact and economical solution than the Sub Gen 3. What to take the plunge? You still have to pay 499 euros (against 849 euros for the Sub Gen 3). Availability is announced to October 6, 2022.

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