the Corps of Presidents and Alguazils of France celebrates its 10th anniversary |

The 2022 symposium was held last weekend


What a long way since 2012, year of creation of the CPAC on the initiative of Roger MERLIN!

For 10 years, the Corps of Presidents and Alguazils of France, led by André ROQUES, has accumulated an important documentation intended to assist the Presidents, Assessors and Alguazils. This documentation is always supplemented with tools that are unanimously recognized as relevant.

This corpus illustrates the work carried out collectively and highlights the motto:

“The CPAC: ethics in practice”

The 2022 season saw good attendance during the South-East regional sessions in Béziers, South-West in Orthez and the National Symposium meeting this weekend in Albias, highlighting the participation of young aficionados now called upon to climb the palco. The transmission is on.

The 2022 National Symposium took place in three stages:

1) Statistical analysis of the 2022 season prepared by Cyril DEFRANCE and Thomas THURIÈS.

2) Presentation of the revision of the RTMF resulting from the General States of Bullfighting and carried out at the request of the Union of Bullfighting Cities of France by Daniel GARIPUY.

3) “The bulls seen from the palco” presentation by Thierry FAGET and Renaud MAILLARD, members of the French Association of Bullfighting Veterinarians.

As usual, he combined feedback, the contribution of expertise and the debate with the participants to validate two new tools:

• the synoptic table of the physical particularities presented by the recessed lights,

• the synoptic table of the behavior of the bulls from the campo to the arena.

We look forward to seeing you and waiting for you at the 2023 regional sessions which will take place in March.

(FSTF press release)


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