The cost of the funeral of Elizabeth II in economic crisis

While the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II has arrived in London, opponents of the monarchy in the United Kingdom, around 20% of the population according to the latest polls, denounce the pomp and the cost of this funeral, all the more excessive in their eyes that the country is facing a very serious economic crisis.

Mourning and contemplation continue in the UK after the death of Elizabeth II But for some, the ceremonies organized are too expensive in the United Kingdom, which is currently going through a serious economic crisis.

Some have therefore decided to boycott the funeral of the queen, even on TV. This is particularly the case of Robert, a resident of the suburbs of London who presents himself as a Republican. He finds the size of the ceremonies excessive in this economic context: “ It is certainly very disturbing to see all this when people are going to be in great difficulty to pay their bills, in fact they already are! We don’t need all this pomp, these processions, these royal journeys across the country. Something more modest would have been sufficient, as for example in the Scandinavian monarchies or in the Netherlands “.

“Monarchy is good for business”

This funeral promises to be the most expensive in history. But there is nothing scandalous, believes Mark, another resident of London. ” Yes, it costs money, the royal family costs money! But that’s no reason. When you think of all that the monarchy has given us, the queen in particular… I think it’s not too expensive to pay “, he believes.

Recurring argument of supporters of the monarchy: the royal family certainly costs money – 50 million euros per year – but it brings even more to the country thanks to the fallout from tourism, but not only, explains Andy, an entrepreneur who presents himself as a moderate monarchist. ” It is a brand image that is known around the world and serves as a selling point for British companies. The monarchy is not only tourism, it is also good for business “, he believes.

Critics or not of the monarchy, the British agree in any case on one point, the new king will have to reduce the lifestyle of the royal family. But this, it will be after the funeral scheduled for September 19.

In August, inflation reached 10% in the United Kingdom, unheard of for forty years. And concerning the price of energy, it has increased by almost 300% compared to October 2021. A rise so meteoric that thousands of Britons have joined in a movement called “ don’t pay » and threaten not to pay their next electricity bills.


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