The crazy Lakers trade that fell through, 4 franchises involved!

Unsurprisingly, the Lakers have had many discussions in recent months to improve their roster. The Jazz were involved, as were the Nets or the Pacers for various players. But The Athletic has just informed us that the Angelinos have discussed with other teams, to form a major exchange. Again, it did nothing.

After last year’s debacle, the Lakers quickly sought help in the market, through Rob Pelinka. Several players signed early in free agency, while Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schroder have recently arrived to bolster the point guard position. This signing ends the possibility of a major trade, discussed by the Angelinos during the summer according to The Athletic.

The failed trade of the Lakers again during the summer!

In their recent article, Jovan Buha and Sam Amick confirm that the Lakers have spoken with the Jazz for a trade that could have caused some noise in the NBA. The idea? Attracting Terry Rozier from the Hornets, just like Bojan Bodanovic from the Jazz. We are talking about an exchange with 4 franchises, which will not see the light of day with the arrival of Schroder.

The Lakers have discussed a 4-team trade with Utah, New York and Charlotte. “Bojan Bogdanovic and Terry Rozier would have come to the Lakers in a possible agreement. »

The negotiations took place before the Schroder deal, or the Donovan Mitchell trade to the Cavaliers. We can therefore think that everything is over today, since these 4 franchises could not reach an agreement.

However, there are still a few weeks before the competition resumes, which means the Angelinos can still set up a trade with their first two rounds of drafts. No confirmation from The Athletic, even if three Jazz players are very popular in Los Angeles:

The Lakers are targeting Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson and Malik Beasley in recent conversations with Utah, sources say.

The Lakers did try to splurge on the market this summer, but without much success. A deal is still possible with the Jazz, but it will be necessary to convince Danny Ainge for that, and it is not won. Watch out for a turnaround before training camp.

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