the crazy rumor of a multiplayer mode

the crazy rumor of a multiplayer mode

Discreet since the release of its first trailer, the next Zelda is the subject of assiduous research by fans, with sometimes surprising results.

If the potential for a sequel to Link’s adventures after Zelda: Breath of the Wild was never in doubt, it took until September 13 to see its official title. During one of the famous Nintendo Direct, the Japanese giant’s communication videos for players on the networks, Tears of the Kingdom was even unveiled in a very first video. An aerial world made of floating islands saw a Link using powers and accessories to soar to the horizons of a new adventure. Ever since, Hyrule Kingdom fans have been desperate to learn more and devour every bit of information, no matter how thin.

Hyrule Crumbs

Lately, the passage of the title of Nintendo to the screening of the committees of classification had reassured about the progress of the project. After its classification in Korea and the United States, the next Zelda should not miss his meeting with the players, set for May 12, 2023. But it is in an image circulating since yesterday on social networks that we unearthed astonishing information. In a German flyer apparently designed to promote the game, a whole series of logos detailing its contents are displayed. And, among them, the intriguing mention of online features…

A revolution coming?

Obviously, the strongest probability is that this mention refers to the upcoming release of downloadable content, as had been known Breath of the Wild. But it is to another possibility, more astonishing and attractive, that the community of fans clings: indeed, never the saga Zelda did not offer multiplayer in a classic adventure, outside of Four Swords, dedicated solely to this experience. A game combining both the single player and multiplayer recipe would therefore be a great first! For the time being, we will take this rumor for what it is worth, pending a possible confirmation or denial from the publisher.