The Dark Wild, an eco-cyberpunk management game to keep an eye on

The Dark Wild, an eco-cyberpunk management game to keep an eye on

With the indie box, the entire XboxSquad editorial team offers you mini reviews of very little known or highlighted indie games. While some don’t deserve to step out of the shadows of the Xbox marketplace, others may be worth a look. This is the whole subject of this section.

Atrio: The Dark Wild is an “eco-cyberpunk” management game from well made and easy to handle, whose goal is to bring light back into the world. For this, it will be necessary to develop research and automate production lines fueled by resources gleaned from the wild or manufactured. You have to be careful not to set foot in the shadows, which turn out to be deadly if you venture there for more than a few moments. atrium has this particularity, that it is necessary to incorporate living things into the production cycle. For example, you can see pollinating bees and a toad collecting mushrooms above.

Management games are always more enjoyable on PC but atrium turns out to be well thought out for console. Note, however, that the title is in Game Preview and as such still has bugs. It is thus possible to save but not to load your save: only the auto save works well. More embarrassing, I had to stop my game because I was asked to accomplish an already fulfilled objective. It is still quite attractive and worth keeping an eye on. You can make up your own mind by getting the trial version.

I loved :

  • Quick start
  • Fast and not frustrating progress
  • Simple yet elegant aesthetic
  • Deadpan humor

I am sorry :

  • Couldn’t enjoy it more because of the bugs

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