the day after the start of the school year, a knife fight in front of the school

Friday afternoon in Givors, three people were arrested following a knife fight in front of a public school.

On Friday, September 2, when the start of the school year had taken place the day before, tempers were severely heated in front of school public of Givors, commune of the Rhone. It was at the beginning of the afternoon, reports Le Progr├Ęs (full article reserved for subscribers), that everything would have started. It was around 1:30 p.m. when a mother parked her vehicle in the middle of the lane and in front of the entrance to the establishment.

She parks in front of the school in Givors, blocking traffic

If the motorist visibly intended to leave after dropping off his child at school, however, it blocked traffic during this time. And that’s what would have ignited the powder. Another person driving was behind the mother’s vehicle. Unable to go any further, this man put himself to honk to make the other person understand that he had to clear the way.

The mother of the family calls her husband, a knife is pulled out

A priori dissatisfied with the reaction of the other motorist, the woman called her husband. Which arrived on the scene armed with a knife. The situation would have calmed down, however, before degenerating again around 4:30 p.m., when picking up the children after school.

Three people arrested

The municipal police intervened to separate the parents of the students, and in the end, three people were arrested. It could be the mother, her husband and the person who honked.

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