The Day Before – The survival MMO The Day Before postponed again, with its gameplay presentation

The Day Before – The survival MMO The Day Before postponed again, with its gameplay presentation

First announced for June 2022, then for March 2023, the release of The Day Before has been postponed to next November following a legal dispute. As for the gameplay presentation, it is now planned “as soon as possible”.

Since its development initiated in 2019 (and its announcement in January 2021), The Day Before arouses a certain curiosity on the part of online players, eager to venture into a vast contemporary universe hit by a pandemic and infested with zombies, in order to explore and colonize it gradually.

A new postponement following a legal dispute

The Day Before shows great promise, but the developer Fntastic is clearly struggling to make it happen and the launch of the game has already been postponed several times. The release was originally scheduled for June 2022, then was pushed back to March 2023 (to switch the game to Unreal Engine 5) and in a note posted on social networks, the developer is now announcing a new postponement. The launch is now scheduled for next November 10.

To explain this new delay, the developer now evokes legal difficulties: the brand The Day Before would have been filed by a third party with the competent authorities in the United States, the developer indicates having noticed this on January 19 (still according to the studio, the brand was available in 2021 when the project was announced) and following this conflict brands, the game page on Steam would have been blocked by Valve (it is indeed inaccessible). Fntastic says it is hard at work to resolve this dispute and intends to settle it before launching the game.

And the gameplay presentation “as soon as possible”

What then of the gameplay presentation promised for this month ? It is also postponed. For the record, the developer regularly promises to show the gameplay of his game, but is slow to comply. To reassure players, the studio therefore finally announced the publication of a gameplay video during the month of January. Again, the developer first wants to solve this branding problem and therefore evokes a broadcast of the video “as soon as possible”. Everyone will draw the conclusions they can.