the differences with the Japanese version!

the differences with the Japanese version!

A smaller and more compact land than in Japan…

We knew it for many months: the designers of the Californian version of the land had to rack their brains in order to fit all the architectural elements in a more confined space than in Japan. If all the icons are there (Bowser’s Castle, Mount Kileraide…), the configuration of the area is still somewhat different: unlike Japan, Peach Castle is located at the same level as most of the land.

(On the left the Californian version (via Twitter @SoCal360) / right Japan)

This change, although imposed by the need to optimize the smallest footprint on the ground, has the merit of making land discovery more accessible, by avoiding the many steps and the use of elevators in the Japanese version.

Other places are indicative of this forced shrinkage, like Bowser’s Castle: if in Japan the imposing castle serves as the perfect entrance to the attraction Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, the lair of the dragon-turtle does not is revealed only much later in the line in California. The space has once again been optimized by the installation of round-trip barriers, making it possible to accommodate the many visitors eager to take part in the Mario Kart race!

(Pictures : IGN and Universal Parks News Today)

But an even more striking element symbolizes the lack of space dedicated to the construction of Super Nintendo World, and this time the damage is not only visual!

Yoshi absent from the starting grid!

In Japan, visitors can, in addition to the Mario Kart attraction, enjoy a second attraction: Yoshi’s Adventure, allowing you to go on an adventure on Yoshi’s back for an incredible treasure hunt through the Mushroom Kingdom. This attraction also makes it possible to offer a more family experience and above all makes it possible to absorb hundreds of visitors to the land.

As you will have understood from the title of this section, this is unfortunately not the case in Hollywood. The space normally dedicated to the queue of Yoshi’s Adventure has been allocated to the entrance of Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. The first part of the line of the latter still offers a nod to Yoshi by taking up the colorful universe of the island of the adorable dinosaur. The rest of the queue takes almost exactly what already exists in Asia.

(Pictures : Twitter @guyselga)

But rest assured: dozens of other activities and experiences, similar to those in Japanawait visitors to Super Nintendo World to keep them occupied for long hours.

Chef Toad adapts to American taste buds

One thing is identical from one land to another: it is Toad who goes to the kitchen with his brigade to treat visitors to some colorful dishes in his restaurant.

(Photo : Eater)

While many signature dishes are identical (or have been slightly adapted), the American menu offers some original creations, more suited to an American clientele: for example, the “Chef Toad Short Rib Special” replaces the “Teriyaki Chicken & Super Star Rice” and the recipe for Luigi’s Burger is somewhat different with grilled pesto chicken taking the place of green curry chicken. If the Japanese omelet Omuraisu has disappeared from the menu, other new dishes complete the menu: the Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots, the Super Star Chicken Salad or even the Princess Peach Cupcake for dessert.

(Pictures : Eater)

On the first opinions which emanate from these days of tests, the dishes seem more copious but lose a little of their superb in the finishes of the presentations. There is no doubt that the employees will gradually take their bearings in order to be perfectly grounded for the official opening. After all, the test days are there for that!

In addition to these various changes, the Californian Super Nintendo World remains broadly similar to what is done at Universal Studios Japan and offers total immersion in the universe of Mario, Luigi and Peach! Even if no official information has been communicated, rumors are rife as to the upcoming project of the Donkey Kong expansion, as currently under construction in Japan. Super Nintendo World will also be part of the themed areas of Epic Universe, the new park at Universal Orlando Resort, which is scheduled to open in 2025.