The doctor who operated on Paul Pogba speaks about his situation |

Professor Roberto Rossi is a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, he is also chief physician at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin, full professor at the University of Turin and consultant at Juventus. He operated on Paul Pogba on Monday evening. He answered questions from Tuttosport regarding this operation. Discover his statements in this article.

The conservative therapy started by Paul Pogba:

“Let’s say it didn’t work. On the contrary, the lesion got worse. Let’s imagine the meniscus as a seal, made up of collagen fibers. Sometimes the fibers are no longer repairable, it depends on the location of the the lesion, the type of lesion and the quality of the tissues. When we spoke on Tuesday, we evaluated the three elements. Even if we had wanted to suture the broken meniscus, there were no more conditions to be able to to do so, it was no longer fixable, it was only possible to intervene with a meniscectomy, after all, the player had already been visited by two luminaries in the sector, a consultancy directly in the United States and a another in France, in both cases, the surgeons had given indications for an operation.

The injury has worsened:

“As also shown by previous MRIs, the meniscal injury worsened and when the player tried to force while running on the pitch, he had a knee joint block.”

How long did the operation last?

“About 40 minutes in arthroscopy. As soon as we saw the meniscus, we realized that the injury had gotten even worse. The damaged part of the outer meniscus was removed, which is a very important and more complex structure than, for example, the medial meniscus because it is thicker and has biomechanical characteristics.”

Player recovery:

“Right away. We start with a closed kinetic chain activity. That is, he will use the muscles needed for the knee, but will do it with the knee straight, without flexing the leg. Then, depending of the reactivity of the knee, that is, whether or not it will feel pain and if there will be no swelling, we will move to an open kinetic chain activity, we will work the muscles that serve the knee and will be able to bend it. It will obviously be a more impactful procedure. Then we move on to the final phase with the recovery on the ground. Also in agreement with the Juventus doctors, we have indicated in eight weeks the time necessary to Pogba to reintegrate the team and resume training in the group. This is the estimated time, then you have to evaluate the conditions and the reactions when it starts to force. The player will be evaluated on a weekly basis, he will come to the JMedical where I will follow the evolution of the reed cation and responses of the knee.”


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