the driver of a truck refuses to comply, the police open fire more than 30 times

Under the influence of a drug, the driver of a truck hit several vehicles before being stopped by the joint force of police and gendarmes.

A crazy chase stopped by the joint force of police and gendarmes. A man driving a heavy truck refused to comply to the police this Friday, December 2 in Méry-sur-Oise (Val-d’Oise), learned Le Figaro source close to the file, confirming information fromNews 17.

The facts begin around 8:30 am, in this small town of more than 9000 inhabitants. The authorities have been informed that a heavy goods vehicle struck several vehicles while crossing a red light. In the accident, a motorist was slightly injured, then taken care of by firefighters.

The driver, who fled in his truck, was quickly found by a squad of municipal police officers dispatched to the area. As she orders him to stop, the driver refuses to comply and accelerates. He also refuses to comply, a little later, with the injunctions of the gendarmes of the surveillance and intervention platoon, also present in the area.

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More than 30 shots

The driver then takes the direction of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, where the police deploy a harrow to puncture the tires of the truck. But impossible to stop the crazy truck, which continues its course and hits a police car then a gendarmerie vehicle. Police and gendarmes then decide to open fire on the truck. “They fired more than thirty times“, mainly in the tires, indicates our source, which causes the truck to leave the road, which ends up in a field.

Already known to the police, the individual, who was under the influence of a drug, was arrested and placed in police custody. He would be 39 years old. Two investigations were opened, the first concerning the facts attributed to the driver, and the second about the shootings of the police. They would have been respectively entrusted to the research brigade of Pontoise and the research section of Versailles, according to Actu 17. No injuries are to be deplored.