The easiest way to completely quit an app on macOS

The easiest way to completely quit an app on macOS

Quitting an app completely on macOS is different from Windows. The Swift Quit app can replicate Windows behavior.

If you go from Windows at mac, it can be quite difficult to get used to the macOS method of completely quitting an app. On Windows, click on the small red cross in the window and it quits most apps. On a Mac, this is not the case. The little red cross can quit the app, but it can also just close the window, leaving the app running in the background. There’s an easy way to quit Mac apps when you click that red button.

Quitting an app completely on macOS is different from Windows

First of all, you should know that Windows and macOS handles closing apps differently from a process perspective. macOS is pretty good at managing apps running in the background, you don’t really have to worry about having a lot of apps open at the same time. When you need to quit apps on macOS, you can press Cmd + Q.

If you can’t get used to it, download Swift Quit, an application that reproduces the behavior of Windows in this matter. Once Swift Quit is installed on your Mac and the necessary permissions granted, log out of your session and log back in. This operation, to be performed only once, allows the app to function correctly.

Swift Quit app replicates Windows behavior

Open Swift Quit and select “Start Swift Quit Automatically”. Use the drop-down menu next to “Quit Apps When” to set whether you want to quit an app when the last window is closed or when any of the windows are closed. We recommend opting for “Last Windows Is Closed”, so you don’t find yourself quitting an app when you just wanted to close one of its windows.

Finally, you can use the + button to add apps that you don’t want to be able to quit this way. For example, applications of messaging work best when running in the background. Once everything is configured, you can open your apps on your Mac and click on the small red button in the upper left corner of the window to quit the app. Swift Quit works very well and consumes very little system resources.