The energy crisis threatens the competitiveness of companies: employers meet the government on Monday

The employers’ federations are calling for measures comparable to those taken during the Coronavirus crisis.

Even if part of the solution lies at European level, where we could act on gas and electricity prices, the bosses are waiting for the Belgian authorities to adopt concrete measures. “What we essentially want at the federal level is to resume the measures which made it possible to relieve SMEs during the Corona crisis period”, stands for Thierry Evens. “I am thinking of Corona unemployment, economic unemployment which must be restored immediately”he adds.

Indeed, since the beginning of July, the possibilities of resorting to economic unemployment have been less flexible than during the “Corona” period. “We need a temporary unemployment system”continues Pieter Timmermans, of the FEB. “Companies in difficulty, the first thing they do is not to lay off, but to lay off their employees. If nothing is done, the next phase is closures and layoffs”says Pieter Timmermans.

For the bosses, measures comparable to those taken during the Corona crisis are all the more necessary since all sectors of activity are affected. On the side of the Union des Classes Moyennes, we also advocate the possibility of deferring payment from the ONSS and INASTI and we would like a “energy moratorium”that’s to say “not to allow suppliers, energy producers to cut off supply or to assign and force independents or SMEs into bankruptcy”.

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