The European Commission adopts a revised framework for State aid for Research, Development and Innovation

The European Commission has adopted the 2022 R&D&I framework, a revised notice on the rules applicable to state aid for research, development and innovation.

This new framework defines the rules according to which Member States can grant state aid to companies for their R&D&I activities, thus guaranteeing conditions of competition.

The European Commission has adopted the 2022 R&D&I framework.

This change is the consequence of an evaluation of the current rules, included in the control of the adequacy of State aid. Among the new features it is possible to find:

The 2022 R&D&I framework also contributes to the strategic objectives of the European Union, with regard to its objectives of ecological and digital transition.

What’s new in the 2022 R&D&I framework?

Updating the definitions of research and innovation activities

This update concerns their applicability, in particular on digital technologies and activities related to digitization: supercomputer, quantum technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, big data or cloud computing. This aims to provide a legal security to Member States and all stakeholders, while facilitating the investments in R&D&I which enable the digital transformation of the European Union.

An authorization for public aid for testing and experimentation infrastructures

These are needed to develop, test and scale technologies. The 2022 framework facilitates the development and the deployment cutting-edge and disruptive technologies while facilitating the green and digital transition of the European economy. This aligns with the new European innovation agenda.

Simplification of standards

The simplification of standards facilitates the implementation of the 2022 R&D&I framework, while reducing the administrative burden for companies and public administrations. The commission simplifies the mechanisms for determining the indirect costs of R&D&I projects.

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