the famous gaming mouse is at a reduced price on the Amazon site

Deceptively simplistic in appearance, this gaming mouse was developed through close collaboration between Logitech and more than 50 professional gamers. The result is just amazing.

It’s time to take advantage of the Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse at the sacrificed price of 58.99 euros only. Despite its very low price, this mouse surprises with its precision and specific features. How can we be surprised then by its rating of 4.8 out of 5 given by more than 3000 verified users?

Everything has been carefully considered to achieve an absolutely perfect shape, weight and feel. All-new sensors have been developed to reach new heights in terms of precision and performance. Light with a weight of 80 grams, new pads have also been developed for a durability exceeding 250 km.

Nice offer on the excellent Logitech G Pro gaming mouse

The G Pro mouse is equipped with the Hero 25K sensor, the most precise to date from Logitech. Able to instantly follow hand movements, it is comfortable with speeds over 400

IPS and allows a resolution of 100 to 25600 DPI. The Lightspeed wireless technology allows a reaction time to the click much lower than mice equipped with a wired connection, since it goes down to one millisecond.

The buttons are fully programmable using the Logitech Gaming Software wizard. Several game profiles can thus be saved. In addition, an integrated memory allows you to place your gaming preferences directly inside the mouse. Note that the mouse can be used for both left-handed and right-handed people. Here we find a very good opportunity to acquire the Gamer Logitech G Pro mouse at the sacrificed price of only 58.99 euros.

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