the first beta unveils new widgets

the first beta unveils new widgets

Barely out, iOS 16.1 is already replaced by iOS 16.2. Apple yesterday released the first beta version of its iPhone operating system. Today used by a handful of developers around the world, this update provides a taste of the new features introduced by Apple in the coming weeks.

The big change with the arrival of iOS 16.2 in any case concerns the lock screen. The latter is more complete, new widgets have been added by Apple. They come largely from the “sleep” application. A native Apple service that allows you to have some information on the quality of your nights.

Among other notable changes with this first beta version of the application, Apple has completely reworked the “Home” application. This new approach should make it possible to better integrate the “Matter” standard within Apple devices.

“Drugs” should not delay any longer

Featured at the last WWDC when iOS 16 was announced, the “Medication” service and the widget associated with it should soon arrive on the iPhone. The specialized information site 9to5Mac has discovered evidence of this new feature within the code of iOS 16.2 without Apple giving access to this option for the moment.

Much of the code is already available in this first beta version of iOS 16.2, which bodes well for the future. The service could arrive in the next beta version and thus be operational for the launch of iOS 16.2.

Regarding the latter, we do not yet know its release date and it is too early to make estimates on the release date. Apple should in any case publish several betas of its operating system before releasing a stable and final version for the general public. – Official App

By: Keleops AG