The free Duolingo Math app is coming to iOS

The Duolingo Math mobile app is finally available, on iOS and in English only, for now.

Duolingo is no longer just about learning a new language. The company comes from publish Duolingo Math on iOS, more than a year after first introducing the app. Naturally, Duolingo Math shares a lot of the language learning platform’s DNA, including colorful animations and interactive exercises with a healthy dose of gamification.

The Duolingo Math mobile app is finally available

The app has two main components : an elementary level mathematics program which takes up the courses taken by the child during his various years of school and brain training exercises intended for adults, with more advanced subjects and an emphasis on improving mental abilities in mathematics. The first covers aspects such as multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurements, etc. Brain training, on the other hand, tackles similar topics at a higher level, with more challenging exercises. Duolingo hopes people can learn some really handy things, like converting between ounces and pounds.

On iOS and in English only, for the moment

Duolingo conducted a large survey on math anxiety. According to the results, 93% of adults residing in the United States have experienced some form of math anxiety, with only half of high school students experiencing “very high anxiety”. With this app, the company wants to make math “accessible and fun” to everyone.

Duolingo Math is far from the only app mobile to learn mathematics, but the very name of Duolingo could attract many users. Like Khan Academy, Duolingo Math is free. L’app is available on iPhone, iPad and some iPod Touch and is unfortunately only available in English at this time. The company did not say when the release android will be available. To be continued !

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