the free tool to create animated videos from your browser

The creation of qualitative videos is not an expertise that everyone masters. This implies, among other things, to be familiar with complex software and to have spent long hours on it to learn how to exploit its potential.

To help professionals create polished videos without wasting too much time and energy on it, many free tools have emerged. Motionity is just one of them. It is described as a mixture of After Effects and Canva, making it easy to design animated videos.

A tool accessible to newcomers to video creation

The goal of the creators of Motionity was to develop a video creation tool accessible to both experienced and novice users. For this, they have developed a simple interface: a menu with the options on the left, the preview of the video in the center and the settings on the right. Of course, a timeline is integrated.

illustration motionity

Filters, effects, shadows… The tool offers several customization options. Illustration: Motionity.

illustration motionity

The objective was to create a video tool accessible to all. Illustration: Motionity.

To start creating your project, just drag and drop assets in the center. To do this, you can download visual or audio content from your computer and use the various options offered by Motionity. We have the choice of putting shapes, such as stars or circles, as well as emojis. To find the desired object more easily, it is best to use the search bar provided. Each of them can be modified according to our desires: color, size, appearance…

You can also add images, videos or audio tracks using the Pixabay library, which is directly integrated into the tool. This gives access to millions of content in high definition. They can be chosen by exploring the categories or by typing a keyword.

To complete the various added visuals, nothing better than words. Motionity lets you add text elements with animated effects for added impact. About fifteen fonts are currently available. As with objects, customization options exist.

Besides that, the editor has editing options: quick addition of keyframes to create animations, creation of layers to see more clearly, cutting of videos… The speed is also adjustable with a simple slider. All this, directly from your browser.

Once you have completed your project, several download formats are presented: WEBM video, animated GIF or image.

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