The Galaxy S23 Ultra would make an amazing choice for its selfie sensor

The Galaxy S23 Ultra would make an amazing choice for its selfie sensor

Samsung is about to make a daring choice for the selfie camera of its Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The S22 Ultra held in hand. // Source: Samsung

the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra should not upset the formula of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. At least except for a few details, as we learn Galaxy Club.

Indeed, if the design of the phone should remain unchanged, the sensor hidden behind the central punch which will pierce its screen should offer a lower definition than before. If the current S22 Ultra goes up to 40 megapixels on the front, the S22 Ultra could drop to 12 megapixels.

How to interpret this choice

If Samsung made this choice, we can be sure that it is not a desire to save money. The Ultra range is supposed to be the pinnacle of what the manufacturer offers on non-folding smartphones. We can therefore assume the following: the sensor should offer better image quality.

As we often write in our columns, the number of megapixels is not decisive in photo quality on smartphones, which today relies much more on the power of algorithms. As a general rule, when a manufacturer cuts the number of megapixels, it is to integrate a more qualitative or larger sensor. We can therefore assume that this is the logic that Samsung could follow here.

For the rest of the photo configuration, let’s remember the forces involved: the Galaxy S23 Ultra should inaugurate the arrival of 200 megapixel sensors at Samsung with its main sensor. The rest of the configuration should be more restrained in terms of definition, with an ultra wide angle and two telephoto lenses (10 megapixels each for X3 and X10).

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