the government freezes 250 bank accounts belonging to the rebel movement “Al-Shabaab”

the government freezes 250 bank accounts belonging to the rebel movement “Al-Shabaab”

AA/Mogadishu/Nur Gedi

The Somali government announced on Saturday the freezing of around 250 bank accounts belonging to the armed movement “Al-Shabaab”, as part of its project consisting in “drying up the sources of financing of the movement”.

This is what emerges from a joint press conference hosted by Finance Minister Elmi Mahmoud Nour, Deputy Minister of Information Abdel-Rahman Youssef and Minister of State for Defense Mohamed Ali Haga , in the capital, Mogadishu.

“The government takes seriously the economic measures decided against the terrorists, because it managed in a few months to close approximately 250 bank accounts belonging to al-Shabaab fighters”, added Mahmoud Nour.

He explained that “the economic measures against terrorists and the drying up of all their sources of financing will continue in cooperation with the citizens”, warning “banks, exchange offices and traders, against any collaboration with the movement “.

For his part, Ali Haga declared that “the actions of the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and human values”.

He stressed that “the government is preparing to launch a security operation soon in all districts of the capital with the aim of preserving security”, calling on “citizens to cooperate with security institutions to defeat terrorists”.

At the beginning of October, the Somali government declared economic war on the rebel movement “Al-Shabaab”, imposing severe sanctions on traders, companies and anyone with links to the movement.

Government forces, with the help of tribal militias, continue their military operations against the Shabaab rebels, during which they have killed dozens of movement fighters and regained control of several regions.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud promised on August 23, in his first statement to the nation after the bloody attack on a hotel in Mogadishu that left at least 21 dead and 117 injured, “an all-out war” to eliminate the Shabaab rebels.

For several years, Somalia has been waging a war against the rebel movement “Al-Shabaab”. Created at the beginning of 2004, this armed movement and ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist operations which caused hundreds of deaths.

*Translated from Arabic by Hajer Cherni

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