the green package that helps save the planet

Consuming responsibly and without breaking the bank: this has been Prixtel’s leitmotif since its creation. The operator continues its momentum with its new mobile plan on promotion: Oxygen. This package, which as its name suggests is not lacking in air, is available from €9.99 per month, and obviously, without commitment of duration. As part of this ecological subscription, Prixtel joins forces with Sea&Co to recover 2.7 tons of tires in the Calanque des Trous in Marseille. If you want to join this operation, here are all the details on this Prixtel package.

Fall for the Oxygen package and save money every month

This new Pricetel package is a real favorite. First of all he is without engagement, and we love freedom. Then it is adjustable, like all the operator’s packages and this system of levels is a real bonus to avoid the out-of-package. Finally, the Oxygen limited series is at fixed pricewithout condition of duration: there is therefore no risk of seeing its price increase in 6 or 12 months.

In terms of services included, this mobile plan offers the ultimate, namely unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, but also from the European Union and from the overseas departments. You can also use up to 20 GB from the European Union and from the French overseas departments.

Let’s now look at the different pricing levels for this cheap package :

  • €9.99/month up to 50 GB of data consumed
  • €12.99/month between 50 and 90 GB of 4G data
  • €15.99/month from 90 to 130 GB

Prixtel joins forces with Sea & Co for its Oxygen ecological package

From the start, Prixtel has chosen to offer CO2-neutral telephone subscriptions. For this, the operator offsets its carbon emissions by planting trees in France.

Today, Prixtel goes even further with its Oxygen package and associate with Sea&Co to recover 2.7 tons of submerged tires in the Calanque des Trous, in Marseille, by mid-November 2022. Sea & Co, a trademark registered by EcoTree France, promotes French maritime resources and implements actions to preserve coasts and oceans. Its purpose is to curb the erosion of biodiversity Marine.

This vast ecological action in favor of marine biodiversity will make it possible to depollute the seabed.

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