the hassle of companies that want to stay in the region

A TER at Limoges station (Haute-Vienne). – Credit:Pascal Lachenaud/AFP

IThere aren’t many companies in the CAC 40, the forty largest stocks on the Paris Stock Exchange, that have their headquarters far from the capital. It’s even very simple, there are two: Michelin, in Clermont-Ferrand, and Legrand, in Limoges. And imagine that their current respective number 1 – Florent Menegaux for the tire specialist and Benoît Coquart for the leader in electrical installations – live, by choice, on the lands of their group.

Sometimes, their daily life as big bosses requires them to pass a head through the City of Light: go see their Parisian employees, their investors, or even take a plane abroad. Many members of their teams do the same. At Legrand, for example, around ten employees travel to Paris every week for professional reasons.

Until November 20, everything was going more or less well in their lives as commuters. They could make the round trip between Limoges and Paris during the day. Except that their faithful ally, the SNCF, played them a bad trick, and removed their favorite train: that of 7 hours. With this Intercités – number 3624 – the Legrands could reach Paris-Austerlitz station from Limoges in three hours and fifteen minutes.

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Fall back on the 6 o’clock train? More possible for them. It was brought forward half an hour, to 5:34 a.m., for a three-hour journey. […] Read more