The Knight Witch – The mixture of sorcery and shoot’em up is available on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

If you like sorcery and shoot’em up, why not opt ​​for a mix of genres for maximum pleasure? The Knight Witch is officially available on the Nintendo Switch eShop since November 29, 2022. While waiting for our dedicated test written by comrade Kosmo56, we let you discover the game’s launch trailer below.

Sorcery at the shoot ’em up!

Face terrible enemies and bring them down by cunningly harnessing your magic or weapons. With their soaring ability, combat prowess, and reality-defying magic, the Knight Witches have absolute control of the battlefield!

Body and soul: the duality of the Knight Witches

Shooting or casting spells: why limit yourself? Shape your playstyle, upgrade your Knight’s abilities for a frantic shmup experience, or boost his magic and customize your deck with over 30 unique spell cards.

Build trust and build lasting relationships

Your exploits in Dungeonidas will not go unnoticed by the residents. Knight Witches gain power through gratitude and trust and can earn it in many ways… some more honest than others. Will you do anything to gain popularity, or will you maintain your integrity? You choose…

Visionary accessibility

The Knight Witch is a barrier-free metroidvania designed with love: with an intuitive “”auto-aim”” system that can be switched on and off at any time, multiple help options affecting the game world and an ingenious main story navigation system, you can adjust the game to your level without ever getting lost.

Super Mega Team:

The Knight Witch is brought to you by a team of development veterans who have worked on titles like RiME, Moonlighter, and Plants VS Zombies.