“The Lakers keep their assets to recruit this star”

“The Lakers keep their assets to recruit this star”

Unless the situation turns around in the coming weeks, the Lakers should ultimately be discreet on the market. Anthony Davis’ injury has changed front office plans, at least officially, since some fans are skeptical about it. Behind the scenes, the Purple and Gold would prefer to temporize for a star. A name that should appeal to people…

With a 14-20 record, the Lakers find themselves at a pivotal time in their season. A new series of defeats could well condemn the chances of reaching the playoffs. This is why fans are asking for help, with a possible trade to start the year 2023 well, especially without Anthony Davis in the area. According to recent feedback, the latter will be absent for quite a while.

LeBron James, who has just turned 38, is no longer enough to guarantee victory. In any case not with such a poor quality effect. Rob Pelinka hasn’t done a good job, while Jeanie Buss is more concerned with saving money than ensuring the success of her organization. Behind the scenes, however, it is said that this beautiful world is aiming for a bigger fish.

The Lakers ready for madness?

Trumps are rare among the Angelinos, which is why leaders want to take their time. According to Marc Stein, some people think their goal is simple: wait to recruit a star on the market, in this case Bradley Beal. This would be the real target in Los Angeles, even if it will be very difficult to hit. What to reassure the supporters?

Rival teams are convinced that the Lakers want to keep their pick in 2027 and 2029 in order to recruit a third star for their workforce. Like Bradley Beal for example.

A realistic target? When we see Rudy Gobert’s trade for Wolves, we want to say no. Even if Beal ends up on the market, the Angelinos will never have what it takes to tip the scales in their favor. The fan reaction says it all…

They didn’t learn anything?? A squad depth is more important than a third star…

The Lakers on Bradley Beal? Suffice to say that it does not unleash the crowds. Fans are even worried about the future, since Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss refuse to take action this campaign. This is perhaps the real problem of the organization.