the landslides caused by the rains about to engulf a school

the landslides caused by the rains about to engulf a school

At the Cité Don-Bosco, the rains of the past three nights have broken a water pipe two meters in diameter as well as the valve. The huge water leak caused a landslide that swept away at least thirty meters from the fence wall of the vocational training center, to the chagrin of its director, Rémy Nkanku: “Now the school has become like a public passage. Anyone can enter anywhere. We are in total insecurity, ”he laments.

The most important in Brazzaville

The Don-Bosco center is recognized as the most important in Brazzaville. Here, skilled workers are trained. About fifty students are interns, among them foreigners, mainly from Central Africa. “This year we have 568 students in five departments: electricity, construction and industry; in automobile mechanics and carpentry; in refrigeration and air conditioning, then in filming”, detailed Mr. Nkanku.

“We wrote several letters”

To deal with the landslides, those responsible for the establishment turned to the government. “We have written several letters to the Ministry of Major Works, the Ministry of the Interior and even the Presidency of the Republic, asking if the authorities can get involved to stop this erosion,” said Mr. Nkanku.
In this area, the training center is in danger and individuals are also struggling to cope with these torrential rains. Some have already lost their homes.