The latest innovations from Formnext 2022!

For this week, we are going to present to you the latest innovations of the Formnext 2022. We reveal to you the 3D printers that surprised us the most. Next, Creality presents its latest products and shows its ambitions on the European market. As for SolidCAMthe company explains how the combination of 3D printing and CNC machining is beneficial to the industry. Finally, we invite you to discover a 3D printed car model, and the construction of 100 houses built with the help of the additive manufacturing. We wish you a good Sunday!

TOP 1: The most surprising 3D printers of Formnext 2022: The biggest additive manufacturing fair has unveiled a lot of new innovations. In this video, we invite you to discover 3D printers who surprised us the most during the event. To see the specifics of the machines, Madeleine Prior, content manager at 3Dnatives, visited the stands of Rapidia, Sinterjet, Namma and Duplex. One thing is certain, these 3D printers do not leave you indifferent!

TOP 2: Creality, between innovations and new ambitions: Creality is known for making desktop 3D printers. During Formnext 2022, the Chinese company welcomed us to their stand to present their new products and to unveil their ambitions on the European market.

TOP 3: SolidCAM, the combination of CNC machining and 3D printing: SolidCAM, one of the leaders in CNC machining, recently enters the additive manufacturing market with its partnership with Desktop Metal. For the occasion, the company explains the advantages of combining machining and 3D printing technologies. Thanks to Michael Leditzky, CEO of SolidCAM Additive, we learn more about their solutions.

TOP 4: 100 3D printed houses: 3D printing begins to take an important place in the sector of construction. This technology may become the solution for the homes of tomorrow. In Georgetown, Texas, 3D printers are building 100 3D-printed homes on site. This major project is explained in this video.

TOP 5: A 3D printed Ariel Atom V8: L’Elegoo Mars 3 Pro is one of the 3D printers FDM the most popular in its range. It allows you to quickly and efficiently build many models. In this case, an Ariel Atom V8 will be 3D printed using this machine. Learn about the making of this car, from packaging the printer to the final design.

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