the latest update comes with many bugs, please wait before installing it

the latest update comes with many bugs, please wait before installing it

While many users were impatiently awaiting the latest Windows 11 update, it is obviously not going as planned for everyone. Indeed, this one is accompanied by various problems for some unlucky ones, ranging from the traditional blocked download to problems with external monitors. We therefore advise you to wait a little before installing it.

KB5019509 update Windows 11 is certainly one of the most anticipated of recent months. If, in appearance, it seems altogether ordinary, it brings many new features that have been talked about for a long time. The most iconic feature is undoubtedly the arrival of tabs in the file explorerbut others, like Suggested Actions or small adjustments to the taskbar.

Suffice to say that many rushed to Windows Update to download it quickly, this update being optional. But then, many have also bitten their fingers. Indeed, this build arrived with its share of problems for some unlucky users, which is also as diverse as it is varied. In some of them, for example, the installation simply refuses to proceed.

Windows 11 KB5019509 causes many problems for users

It’s a fairly classic problem that comes up regularly in new updates. Less so, however, are the cryptic error messages that confuse those who have the misfortune to trigger them during the update. Another bug cited by users: some programs that are supposed to launch when Windows starts no longer work after installation.

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Finally, others mention the fact that their monitor no longer turns off when the computer goes to sleep, or even problems displaying widgets. In other words, it’s a real battlefield that you can very clearly choose to bypass. Again, this update is completely optional. If you want to avoid problems, we advise you to wait for Microsoft to deploy a more stable version, which shouldn’t take too long – hopefully for the next Patch Tuesday.