The league is clearly attacking Kyrie Irving, heavy penalty to come?!

The Nets are going through a real sporting crisis at the start of the season, but it is almost secondary following the huge Kyrie Irving controversy. The leader put forward an anti-Semitic documentary, which annoyed the owner of the franchise, but not only, since the NBA has clearly just responded.

Kyrie Irving probably did not think of creating such a controversy by promoting a film on his social networks, and yet, for the past few days, this has been the case that has shaken the NBA microcosm. The documentary in question is deemed anti-Semitic, Nets owner Joe Tsai has clearly denounced the behavior of its leaderand Nets fans struggle to defend it… Not difficult to understand why when we discover the content of the film:

So that we are all aware. In the documentary fronted by Kyrie Irving, the narrator uses a quote from Adolf Hitler to explain how the truth about the origins of the Jewish people was kept secret.

The league finally speaks out on the Kyrie Irving case!

If this new controversy above all damages the image of the leader, it is unfortunately the whole league which receives bad publicity. Adam Silver and the other executives are well aware of this, which is why the NBA has just issued a statement against Kyrie Irving. Its name does not appear clearly, but the timing is quite evocative.

Hate speech is unacceptable and goes against the values ​​of equality, inclusion and respect that the NBA promotes. We believe we all have a role in having these words and ideas, including anti-Semitic, confronted and refuted, and we will continue to work with the NBA community to ensure everyone understands the impact of the words and actions. .

Without ever quoting him, the NBA clearly sends a message to Kyrie Irving: the ideas defended in the famous documentary are abject and not in line with the values ​​of the league. And because the image of the institution as a whole is in danger following this affair, Adam Silver could take responsibility and impose a fine on the leader of the Nets. Case to follow.

This summer, Suns owner Robert Sarver was heavily punished for sexist attitudes and racist remarks, since he had used the n-word on several occasions. If the league does not go that far for Kyrie Irving, a sanction could quickly fall.

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